Teledentistry Benefits for Kids

Proper oral care is necessary for a healthy life, and this is especially true for children. For parents, getting their kids the proper dental care is critical, but unfortunately, this task can be fraught with difficulties. Parents can lessen these challenges by looking for a teledentist. Remote dental care offers many advantages so that parents can keep their children’s oral health care a top priority.

How Can Teledentistry Services Positively Impact Kids?

Teledentistry is simply any remote dental service. Anytime you receive dental care without needing to be present in the office, you’re benefiting from teledentistry.

The services are numerous, but a few popular ones that benefit kids are:

Video calls with a dentist to help children and parents get feedback
Remote monitoring through live video services
Medication prescription services for oral care
Teledentistry encompasses a wide range of services, and this is part of the reasons why so many parents are currently taking advantage of it for their children.

How Teledentistry Is Beneficial for Children

While the importance of dental care is well known, it’s often difficult to schedule convenient times to meet with a dentist. Luckily, there is a range of teledentistry benefits for children and their parents to make oral care more manageable.

Teledentistry Keeps Kids On Schedule

The first benefit is that teledentistry keeps kids from missing school due to routine appointments. Getting feedback and advice from a dentist at any time means parents can schedule appointments around a child’s schedule. This convenience factor ultimately leads to more kids getting dental care more often.

It’s estimated that children aged 5-17 missed a total of 2 million days of school each year due to dental related issues. That’s a lot of missed school, which can lead to slipping grades and other classroom issues. Time missed often includes simple routine check-ups but also includes f hours lost for more severe dental treatments. But perhaps the biggest concern is when children miss school because of untreated dental issues (tooth decay, cavities, infections, tooth loss), which can then lead to more serious health and social issues. Teledentistry has the ability to impact these absences as well.

Teledentistry Prevents Serious Issues in The Future

Teledentistry makes it easy for more kids to see the dentist. Dentists have more face time with a child, which can help catch problems early. With more access to dental care and check-ups, the result will mean fewer serious issues down the road and a healthier mouth overall. Most dental issues can be prevented with regular check-ups from a dental professional, and that is key to catching and correcting any dental problems.

Poor oral care can also lead to a lot of pain from infections and oral issues. On its own, this is problematic, but it can also directly cause other concerns. Dental discomfort can be a cause of poor sleep or diet habits, which can then spiral into other issues both in and out of the classroom.

Oral issues have also been linked in multiple studies to other health risks and concerns. These can directly affect a child’s health and put them at a higher risk of developing specific ailments. Proper oral care is a lifelong habit, and neglecting it can have severe consequences for the entire body.

Teledentistry Is Less Intimidating for Kids

For some children, a trip to the dentist’s office can be a little scary. Teledentistry offers a way for those children to receive dental care, safely and comfortably from their own home. It can also be a great way to introduce younger children to the idea of visiting the dentist — their first couple of visits being conducted at home and then “graduating” to an office visit.

Teledentistry Increases the Number of Kids Who Can Access Care

Teledentistry also extends services to those who might otherwise have a hard time getting it. It might also help out busy parents who have difficulty scheduling their child’s appointments around jobs and other obligations. Teledentistry opens the doors to otherwise underserved communities.

Educating Children on Why Oral Hygiene Matters
There are also several programs that use teledentistry to educate children on the importance of oral health. Many children, younger ones especially, might not understand exactly why things like brushing matter. These sorts of programs aim to spread this knowledge and help children understand the importance of (as well as the correct way to perform) basic oral care tasks. This information allows kids to take control of their oral health in ways they weren’t before.

Education is an integral part of oral care for children and helps them build a lifetime of good habits. Having the ability to learn from their own home or school makes the process as seamless as possible.

Teledentistry Benefits Kids and Families

Teledentistry is already making notable waves in the dental world, and helping kids get the oral care they need. With millions already using it, it’s apparent that teledentistry services will only continue to grow. Learning and utilizing them today can help kids throughout the country stay happy and healthy.

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